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Diesel Fuel Additive


Fluid Power and Electronic

 Additive Injection


Combats the harmful effects of Ethanol in ANY gasoline engine.

COMBATS the harmful effects of ETHANOL in ANY gasoline engine.


The Problem... ETHANOL


Fuel Phase Separation

Ethanol is extremely corrosive and readily combines with naturally occurring water in fuel tanks. When this combination reaches a certain point, the ethanol and water mix drops out of the fuel to the bottom of the tank. Since the fuel intake is located at the bottom of the fuel tank, the engine draws slugs of ethanol and water  instead of the intended fuel mix. This can damage vital engine parts as well as adversely effect the engine's performance and efficiency while lowering the fuel's octane rating by up to 6 numbers.

Prevents fuel phase separation


Cleans the entire fuel system


Prevents corrosion


Adds lubricity to protect elastomers


Stabilizes stored gas up to 18 months


Excellent for both 2 and 4 cycle engines


Alcohol free treatment

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