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Diesel Fuel Additive


Fluid Power and Electronic

 Additive Injection


Combats the harmful effects of Ethanol in ANY gasoline engine.

Marine and Over the Road Diesel

BioborMD® is a cutting edge marine and over the-road fuel additive engineered to enhance fuel performance, increase lubricity and lower exhaust emissions. BioborMD® raises cetane for easier cold starting while adding lubricity and providing for more efficient engine combustion. BioborMD® cleans and disperses sludge resulting in more power and torque with less fuel-related down time and maintenance.


1.  Soot Reducer/Cetane Enhancer

BioborMD® raises the cetane level up to 3 numbers enabling faster fuel ignition, while combustion improvers provide for a more complete fuel burn. Available horsepower, torque and fuel economy are increased, while carbon build-up and soot output are eliminated reduced up to 94%.


2.  BioborMD® adds Lubricity

Low sulfur diesel fuel mandated by the EPA lessons the lubrication properties of the fuel which can be hard on your engine. BioborMD® raises the lubricity level of the fuel which protects vital engine parts and lessens the chance of costly maintenance or down time.

Enhances fuel


adds fuel lubricity

and prevents

gelled fuel!

3. Anti-Gel Properties

BioborMD® maintains proper flow of fuel when unprotected fuel would otherwise gel. BioborMD® lowers the Pour Point by up to 45 ºF and the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) is reduced by up to 22ºF. BioborMD® also melts ice and prevents it from refreezing in your engine.


4. Sludge Dispersants

BioborMD® contains sludge dispersants which dissolve fuel sediment sludge into small particles which pass harmlessly through injectors and filters and are eliminated from the fuel system. This allows your engine to run at the optimum horsepower and fuel efficiency it was designed for.


5. Inhibits Corrosion and Stabilizes Fuel

BioborMD® with continued use, stabilizes the fuel and keeps it "fresh". This fuel improvement combats the build-up of carbon deposits and corrosion.

Reduces soot output up to 94%.


Increases cetane levels in fuel


Stabilizes diesel for storage


Sludge dispersants clean the fuel system


Antil-Gel and lower CFPP


Over-the-road approved


Inhibits Corrosion


Enhances fuel performance


Increases available horsepower


Reduces carbon build-up


Reduces maintenance costs

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