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Diesel Fuel Additive


Fluid Power and Electronic

 Additive Injection


Combats the harmful effects of Ethanol in ANY gasoline engine.


"The original Diesel Biocide/ Lubricity Agent"


"An ounce of prevention...is worth a pound of cure"

Kills harmful microbial growth in diesel fuel...

Plus adds lubricity to beyond ASTM D975 tha can reduce cylinder wear by up to 50%!

Microbial growth in diesel fuel can be a problem when fuel is stored and the equipment  is not in constant use-as in the case of a construction equipment.


Microbes grow in the interface between naturally occurring water in a fuel tank and the fuel itself.  This growth, if untreated, can create slimey matts that can clog fuel filters, damage engine parts and even keep the equipment from starting.


BioborJF® Kills this microbial growth in both the water phase of the fuel tank and in the fuel phase, making it the most effective cure on the market. BioborJF® actually turns the fuel into a biocide that prevents microbial growth from occurring.


As an added benefit BioborJF® adds lubricity to EPA-mandated ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, ensuring the fuel surpasses ASTM D975 for lubricity that can reduce  cylinder wear by up to 50%. This added lubricity can prevent corrosion, while protecting vital engine parts.


To ensure a safe and dependable source of fuel for construction equipment, treat the fuel supply with BioborJF®. The most recognized name in fuel additives since 1965.



Prevents clogged filters that shut down your engine


Prevents corrosion of tanks and fuel lines


Works in both water and fuel phases for a more effective kill...the industry leader


Adds lubricity exceeding ASTM D975, to increase engine efficiency, and protect fuel pumps and injectors

Approved for military use


Approved by Coast Guards worldwide


Recommended by major engine manufacturers worldwide

Some of the companies which recommend the use of BioborJF® to control microbial growth and add lubricity.

DIESEL Engine Manufacturers

Caterpillar Tractor Corp.

Cummins Engine Co., Inc.

John Deer Tractor

Detroit Diesel Corp.

General Motors - Diesel Engine Division

Waukesha/Dresser Engines

International Harvester Tractor Co.

Mercedes Benz


TURBINE Engine Manufacturers

GE Engines Division

Pratt & Whitney Engines

Allison Industries

Garrett Aircraft Engines

Lycoming Engine Corporations

Allied Signal Aerospace Corp.

Rolls Royce Engines

United Aircraft of Canada


Paulsen Industries

Fuel Tank Maintenance

Fuel Tank Cleaners of Florida

Fuel Pure

National Biocide Services

I.C.E.S, Inc.


MILITARY Operations

U.S. Army

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Navy

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Merchant Marines

U.S. Border Patrol


ENGINE ACCESSORIES and Fuel Monitoring Equipment Manufacturers


Velcome Filters, Inc.

Facet Filter

Stanadyne Filter/Fuel Injector Systems

Airborne Fuel Filters

Minneapolis Honeywell

Fleetguard Filter Corporation

Consolidated Airborne Systems

Dahl Filter Corporation

Liquidometer Corporation

Simmonds Precision Products


TANK Manufacturers

Uniroyal Tank and Plastic, Prod. Division

Goodyear Aerospace

U.S. Steel Tank

Firestone Tank Division

Dow Corning Tanks

A.O. Smith Fiberglass Tank Corp.

BF Goodrich Aerospace

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