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Diesel Fuel Additive


Fluid Power and Electronic

 Additive Injection


Combats the harmful effects of Ethanol in ANY gasoline engine.


SINCE 1965

"An ounce of prevention...is worth a pound of cure"

Safe, On Spec, fuel when you need it-EVERYTIME...

the most effective fuel biocide and conditioner on the market

Microbial growth in diesel fuel can be a problem when fuel is stored before it is used. Microbes (fungus and algae) grow in the interface between naturally-occurring water in a fuel tank and the fuel itself. This growth, if untreated, can create slimey matts that can clog fuel filters, damage engine parts and even keep the engine from starting.


Biorbor JF® kills this microbial growth in both the water phase of the fuel tank and in the fuel phase, making it the most effective cure on the market. Biobor JF® actually turns the fuel into a biocide that prevents microbial growth from occurring in your entire fuel system.


As an added benefit, Biobor JF® adds lubricity to EPA-mandated ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, ensuring the fuel surpasses ASTM standards for lubricity. This added lubricity can prevent corrosion, while protecting vital engine parts, and increasing fuel efficiency.


To ensure a safe and dependable source of fuel for diesel engines, treat the fuel supply with Biobor JF®. ...all the fuel...all the time...with the most trusted and recommended name in fuel additives since 1965.

Prevents clogged filters that shut down your engine


Prevents corrosion of tanks and fuel lines


Works in both water and fuel phases for a more effective kill...the indsutry leader.


Adds lubricity exceeding ASTM standards, to increase engine efficiency, protect elastomers


Approved for military use



Approved by Coast Guards worldwide


Recommended by major engine manufacturers worldwide

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