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Diesel Fuel Additive


Fluid Power and Electronic

 Additive Injection


Combats the harmful effects of Ethanol in ANY gasoline engine.

Where we treat

Additive injection where you need it.

1.  Bulk Receipt:

Treating all fuel received into bulk storage insures that both the fuel being consumed and that in storage receives the benefit of a custom additive blend. Treating all your fuel with BioborJF® for example, insures that microbes will never grow; protecting both the equipment that will ultimately use the fuel, as well as tanks and filters. BioborJF® also protects against corrosion.


2.  At the Dispenser:

Some users may wish to selectively treat outgoing or consumer fuel. In this scenario, the additive system is installed just ahead of the dispenser making it possible to custom blend one or more climate, engine specifications or applications. Performance enhancers, anti-icing compounds, biocides, pour-point suppressants and taxation dyes are just some of the additives that may not be suitable for all users.


3.  Loading Refuelers:

Aviation refuelers, bulk delivery, home heating oil and web-hose refuelers are some of the applications where a truck mounted injector allows for customer, end-of-the-hose blending of additives. Value added blending creates additional revenue and profit when added to stock fuels while not costing more if the customer choses not to receive the additive.


4.  Treating on Consumption:

High volume fuel consumers such as power generators, pump systems, emergency fire pump systems and air handlers can have additive treated at the point of consumption. Performance additives such as BioborJF® BioborMD® and Turboline® may best be injected just ahead of the engine  or turbine. There may be multiple points of use locations throughout a facility, each injecting a different performance package based on equipment.

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